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This is USANA

Thanks for visiting. After viewing THIS IS USANA you will understand why as a team we are affiliated with and proud to represent USANA Health Sciences as the means to achieving health, prosperity and freedom. We won't define what those terms mean to you, but whatever they mean for you we will help you achieve them. That's what The Vision Builders do!

USANA Compensation Plan

The revolutionary Binary Compensation Plan presented through easy-to-understand figures with detailed explanations. You will learn about the moneymaking system needed to succeed. The Vision Builders supports its team members in building the Rock Solid Foundation of business success by achieving our PRIMARY BUSINESS OBJECTIVE.

USANA Research and Development

 Hear directly from members of USANA’s research and development team—the esteemed-scientist behind the creation of our products—as they explain the importance of scientific research within the industry of nutritional supplements. 

Learn more About USANA here.  And even more on our YouTube Channel. Take your time, look around.

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